Titanium Instruments  
Titanium Instruments including Needle Holders, Forceps and Tweezers are made of the highest quality material for use in the hospitals. These Titanium instruments are also used in labs, clinics and medical device manufacturing for a variety of applications. Titanium Instruments are light weight. They are 45% lighter than the stainless steel Instruments. They are anti-magnetic and much harder than stainless steel. Titanium is non-corrosive, thus immune from the rust. Titanium instruments have longer utility life than any steel material.
Image Part Number Description Price Qty Purchase
Titanium Needle Holders
PROT1-100 Titanium Micro Needle Holder , 4 1/4" $89.00
PROT1-110 Castroviejo Needle Holder without lock, Titanium 6 ” $90.00
PROT1-140 Jacobson Needle Holder with lock, Titanium, 6 ” $100.00
Titanium Forceps
PROT2-100 Titanium Micro Point Corneal Forceps, 1x2 Ultra fine teeth & 5mm typing plateform, 3 3/4" $49.00
PROT2-110 Titanium Micro Suture Tying Forceps, 6mm tying plateform, 4" $59.00
PROT2-120 Titanium Micro McPherson Forceps, 7mm tying plateform, 3 1/2" $49.00
PROT2-130 Titanium Utrata Capsulorhexis Forceps Very Delicate, 4" $59.00
PROT2-140 DeBakey Atrauma Tissue Forcep, Titanium, 8” $149.00
PROT2-150 Adson Forcep 1x2 Teeths, Titanium, 4” $59.00
PROT2-115 Suture Tying Forcep with round handle Titanium 4” $80.00
PROT2-132 Utrata Capsulorhexis Forcep Very Delicate angled round handle Titanium 4¼" $90.00
PROT2-133 Utrata Capsulorhexis Forcep Very Delicate angled curved round handle Titanium 4¼" $80.00
Titanium Tweezers