Surgical Instruments is a manufacturer of high quality precision surgical instruments and tools. Our products are designed for use in hospitals, laboratories, clinics and medical device manufacturing. We manufacture these instruments and tools in stainless steel and titanium. We are an ISO 9001-2000 certified facility.

Titanium Needle Holders
Titanium needle holders are anti-magnetic and are made of Titanium material which is non-corrosive and therefore are immune to rust. Titanium needle holders are 45% lighter than those made of stainless steel. These needle holders are excellent for use in ophthalmic & micro surgery. Each Titanium Needle holder is packed in hard plastic case.
Titanium Tweezers
Titanium Tweezers are made of titanium material and are anti-magnetic. They are non-corrosive and are immune to rust. Titanium as compared to stainless steel is much harder, which makes it longer lasting. These tweezers are excellent for use in lab applications and for electronic assembly. Each Titanium Tweezer is packed in a hard plastic case.
Forceps are manufactured with the finest grade of stainless steel but with tungsten carbide (TC) inserts fixed on the working portionsof the instruments. By fixing TC inserts on the working portions of the instruments, the utility period of these instruments is greatly enhanced. These forceps are excellent for use in surgery.
Micro Scissors
Micro scissors are manufactured out of finest grade of carbon stainless steel, The carbon stainless steel is hard and tempered which keeps the sharpness of the cutting edge of the scissors. Micro scissors are used for very delicate work. We supply each micro scissor packed in hard plastic case.